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September 5, 2013

201309w_TechXen Inc1 Choi, president founder of TechXen Inc in 2011, brings with him more than 27 years of semiconductor industry experience from GCT Semiconductor and the LSI division of Samsung based on elite education and training from the Korea Advanced?

Institute of Science and Technology and ChungAng University. His vice president has an equally impressive background from Ubicon and Samsung as well as a Ph.D. in electronic engineering from Illinois University.

Their markets and applications are in areas like RF4CE Remote Controller, RF Remote Controller, Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless Control, Wireless Network and others.

201309w_TechXen IncIts products and solutions are just as superior, with areas like 2.4GHz RF IC integrated system in package chip, 2.4Hz RF Antenna and wireless application board and software. Its design services focus on wireless control, monitoring and sensor network applications.

Moreover, they are also involved in smart energy and mobile, two outstanding areas for future growth. For its design services, some of its core technologies are sectors like software design, system in package, application software and wireless protocol. For its target applications, it highlights sectors like CE, smart grid and others. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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