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September 9, 2013

201309w_Myungshin Engineering’s Myungshin Engineering finds heat transfer essential for many industries today. As a specialist in manufacturing automatic heat transfer systems with years of technological experiences, the heat transfer maker has been supplying effective and optimized units at affordable prices.

Myungshin’s heat transfer models vary extensively; its MP Series is comprised of highly stable aluminum drums, and its installation takes relatively a small space.

This portable heat transfer system offers interesting features: high quality thermal transfer, automatic temperature control, easy operation, simple maintenance, low power consumption, etc.

201309w_Myungshin Engineering1

Knowing there are many different applications, Myungshin introduces MB models in different sizes.

They are quite competitive as it main target markets are at home and abroad. Noticeably, MB systems’ features are stable drum surface temperature, high quality transcription, fabric-able to attach a cutting machine, equipped with a belt-balancing device, etc.

Another model is MR; this automatic table is compact and has emergency function, reverse function for emergency, high quality transcription for textiles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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