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September 9, 2013

http://korean-products.com/inquiryAir conditioners help us fight off hot days; they rather make us enjoy them. For example, when sizzling heat rages outside in summer, cooled air makes people rave with fun inside.

This AC is also cooling automobiles; drivers can still stay cool and sit behind the wheel for enjoyable driving. Korea’s JYC wants to keep your auto AC running without hitting any bump.

Since it beginning in 2000, JYC has been supplying air compressor pulleys.

As a key part for any auto air conditioning system, this high-performance and highly durable wheel is responsible for what the AC does: circulating the refrigerant. And its tolerance can possibly match that of an auto engine.

JYC’s AC pulley varies depending on each car model: Ford, Denso, Harrison, etc. Sure, this extensive range of high quality pulley items can offer more options for your specific need. The manufacture also offers automotive lash body.

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