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September 9, 2013

201309w_AlloTech1 someone whose bones are fractured or lost due to accidents or diseases, many types of artificial bones are available: ceramics, metal alloys, allograft, etc.

Then the story goes like this; a critical bone surgery follows, and a patient recovers. But often it is not over till it is over; unfortunately, he or she could become infected from that life-saving operation.

Korea’a AlloTech is here to address the problem with Terra Hand Piece. Focusing on the orthopedic surgery equipment, AlloTech since 2001 is working on developing the most optimized medical tools for orthopedic surgery :Terra hand Piece series. The company has been officially certified : CE, ISO 13485, GMP, and FDA.


AlloTech’s Terra Hand Piece is built from one simple idea : disposability. This disposable medical device for cutting and perforation is designed especially for orthopedists.

Since being disposable, Terra Hand Piece reaches nearly 0% infection rate and never complicates patients’ health after surgery. Also its light weight takes away fatigue and helps surgeons improve their performance.
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