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Korea’s Best Stainless Coil Maker | Korean Products

September 9, 2013

201309w_Jungmin Metal’s Jungmin Metal rock-solidly backs up the manufacturing industry. As a professional supplier for various stainless steel pipes and logistic racking system materials, the company has been stepping up its capacity since 1997; over the last few decades, its businesses have expanded in terms of manufacturing item, production capacity, and business affiliate.

Customers are all happily agreeable with Jungmin’s bread and butter: quality, quick delivery, and competitive prices. Certainly, ISO9001 and many other certificates & awards speak volumes.

Jungmin makes each unique pipe item. Goblin Pipe coated by ABS Resin shows excellent durability, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. ESD Pipe is anti-static.

There are also 100% eco-friendly STS Pipe, Flat Pipe, and Slide Pipe. The Korean manufacture offers various types of metal joints for your assemble & dissemble work.

Several Placon items in different sizes with Placon Support metals can help your quality and stock control. Plastic Angle products are available in 3 colors : White, Ivory, and Grey. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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