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September 9, 2013

201309w_Shin Sung CRP
http://korean-products.com/inquiryAirplanes fly, ships sail, and automobiles run. Each transportation group discriminates. But there is one thing that they cannot discriminate: communication. Especially, like an airplane in the sky, a ship must keep its communication channel open 24/7 for a safe cruise. Korea’s Shin Sung CRP helps vessels navigate through difficulties in the sea.

For 25 years, Shin Sung has been active in the marine communication field; the venture continues to develop and introduce new various sensors and communication equipment for ships.

All of our staff members believe that Shin Sung’s quality management, high technology, and project execution are essential recipes to lead the marine automation and communication industry.

201309w_Shin Sung CRP1Main Products are Public Addresser System, Auto Telephone Exchange System, Sound-powered Telephone, Communal Aerial System, etc.

Shin Sung’s Public Addresser System, CPA-9000 series, enables shipping vessels to maintain communication under harsh weather conditions. The system shows reliable performance with various features like Paging function that uses an auto telephone exchange system and Talk-back Function.

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