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Promise Water Pressure Safety | Korean Products

September 9, 2013

201309w_Balem1 careful what you wish for. Your water bill may not tell the truth even though the difference between truth and false is blurred by water; you never know how accurate your water valve works.

By the way, one thing is always clear ; if your water tank malfunctions, you are paying more than you should. Ok, enough is enough. Let’s get this right and get Balem’s water control valve.

Simply put, Balem is a Korean water valve maker. In 1981, it all began. Since then, the tenacious and diligent manufacturer has been actively supplying hydraulic level control valves and automatic control valves.

201309w_BalemA slew of quality certificates and patents guarantee the best quality and technology.

Balem’s Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve is truly changing how we perceive the pressure reducing valve.

This totally mechanical system is mainly consisted of three parts: Pilot Valve, Hycon Control Valve, and Pressure Pilot Valve. And it accurately responds to any slight pressure change and improves overall valve safety. More importantly, this valve can control pressure based on the flow rate of water. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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