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September 9, 2013

201309w_Shinhan Electronics1’s smartphone “Galaxy“ is rampant in market ; more and more users enjoy its super-size screen and various functions, which makes their eyes glued to it at all times.

They touch or swipe the display and hold it close to their ears for communication. But we know this handy gadget is not at all friendly to the human body. So far, nothing has been news-worthy. Korea’s Shinhan Electronics makes sure that the situation stays that way.

201309w_Shinhan Electronics

Shinhan launched its business in 1999 by supplying key electronic components. Since 2003, the company began providing quality mobile EMI shielding components to Samsung.

Also, it is prepared to get involved in new areas such as mobile window glass cleansing (lapping and polishing) and TSP module rework.

EMI shielding prevents harmful electromagnetic waves from affecting people when they use mobile phones. By using “Sputtering” method, Shinhan successfully produces EMI-Delaminated smartphone cases.

There are two different coating methods for Shinhan : Sputtering and Evaporation. Based on these, the company offers vacuum multilayer coating for surface coating. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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