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Transport and Auto-Manufacturing Expert | Korean Products

September 9, 2013

201309w_HANSUNG can reach every corner of the body, delivering vital nutrients. The circulatory system makes it happen. Transportation plays the same role for a nation; it facilitates both social and economic growth. Even it is no overstatement that its economy heavily depends on it.

Korea’s HANSUNG has been backing up the transportation industry since 1992, in particular for factories.

If HANSUNG’s quality and technology is your question, take a look at its major clients: Samsung Industry, Hyundai Industry, Daewoo, LG, etc.

They are happy with its transport machines and automatic manufacturing units such as welding & cutting systems, photovoltaic system cell & module auto-systems.

201309w_HANSUNG1Recently, HANSUNG has broadened its horizon in terms of business: Southeast Asia, The Middle East, and China.

HANSUNG’s Transport and Auto-manufacturing category includes electric transporter cars, table lift cars, trailers, cargo elevators, stackers, portable table lift, and what not.

As to Automatic Welding & Cutting, there are pipe rotators, manipulators, pipe cutting or facing machines, pipe bender machines, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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