Water Purifier

201309C_Water Purifier
Keosan Co., Ltd. is a specialist for high-tech products such as semi conductor and display product’s vacuum packaging and the company has continued to develop advanced items that get safer and more reliable operation & capacity to meet the discerning needs in the field.

Main features of Keosan’s Vaarenta water purifier
– Natural minerals supplied (Ca+, Mg+, K+, Na+ etc. released for better water taste / weak alkaline water)
– Swing nozzle moving toward right and left direction. (each 60° angle)
– Adopts UF membrane filter which removes contaminants and microbes, but passes minerals.
– Dispenses 100-120 ml (1 glass of water mode) / or 1.8-2.0 liters (continuous mode)
– Water tank: 1.4 liters / stainless steel \16-20 ppm, high concentrated oxygen water with patent oxygen technology.

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