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Smart TV Set-top Box Solution, Embedded S/W Solution, Smart Electronic Equipment | Korean Products

September 16, 2013

201309C_HUTEK in 2011, Huteck is a leading company specializing in mainly broadcasting services like global contents service operator (OTT) services, global digital broadcasting operator, global broadband service, and global hotel TV service operator.

To support these activities, it established its own R&D center in 2003, was selected as a “Technology Company Incubator Project”, registered as a “venture company”, launched the “Android Hybrid Smart STB” in Korea, certified in “HDMI Adopter” launched the “Android Smart OTT Box” in both the US and Japan, and launched the “Android Smart TV STB” in Japan and many more.

In particular, for its Android Smart OTT, it features functions like Web Browser Support, Full HD H.264 1080P Play, Various Android Game Support, YouTube Player Support, Various SNS Apps Support, and Remote Apps Support through Smart Phone, and others.

For its idenTV line-up, it includes the Smart TV Set-top Box, Smart OTT Streaming Box, and Smart OTT Dongle and others. To complement the products, it provides services like the Smart TV & DTV Hybrid Service, OTT Service and Hotel TV Service. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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