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September 17, 2013

201309C_B&B GOLF[INQ. NO. 1309C07] B&B Golf provides a golf club set for children and others to learn to play golf. The company’s ISSUE golf club set consists of an actual golf club (silicon head), shaft, grip and ball so that growing children can learn the basic golf skills.

As the head of the golf club is made of silicon, safety is guaranteed to prevent careless behaviors and accidents to children. Even if children hit the floor while swinging, the impact transferred to the grip is reduced to enhance safety.

With the safer golf club, not only preschoolers and middle and high school students can play golf, but also senior citizens.

As the head is made of silicon (Dow Corning), beginners and particularly children can learn the basic golf skills without worrying about safety accidents in any place including an indoor gym and even a living room.

The ball with the same angle as the real model is made by using lighter material. The shaft is made of the same material as a real shaft.

The grip is the same as that of a real one. The hold prevents hands from slipping, so that user can play golf comfortably and safely.

As there is support inside the head (silicon), deformation is prevented. As the head is made of silicon (special rubber), form is maintained regardless of changing season and temperature. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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