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September 24, 2013

201309C_Chair Type Smoke Therapy Sitzbaths its founding in 2004, COMELY Co., Ltd. has led chair type smoke therapy sitzbaths business in Korea. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing the chair type smoke therapy sitzbaths and related items.

COMELY has been operated under the corporate philosophy of “The customer’s body is ours.”

The development of COMELY chair type smoke therapy sitzbaths primarily is based on the company’s CEO’s personal experience of fighting a cancer and successfully overcoming the cancer, along with the alternative medicine.

COMELY’s product has been highly rated by Korean consumers.

201309C_Chair Type Smoke Therapy Sitzbaths1

Its chair type smoke therapy sitzbaths was handpicked as the best product by Korean consumers in 2013 and won the grand prize in the healthcare division of Premium Brand Awards for the third successive years.

Moreover, the company runs franchise stores called ‘COMELY Jwahun cafe`,’ was introduced as a novel place by Korea’s main broadcasting companies KBS and MBC. They are appealing to international consumers as well as Koreans, making successful inroads into Osaka in Japan and China.

The chair type smoke therapy sitzbaths can be enjoyed people of all ages. Especially, it helps to promote female genital functions, improving both health and beauty of women. You can chose different smoke therapy sitzbaths materials tailored for your personal health conditions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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