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Coated Kimchi Lactobacillus | Korean Products

September 24, 2013

201309C_Coated Kimchi Lactobacillus was founded as a bio-venture company based in Soonchunhyang University in Korea in 2008 to study kimchi, one of the best-known Korean health foods which is rich in lactobacillus.

The lactic acid bacteria, which are formed in the process of fermentation, are known to be effective at preventing constipation by strengthening intestines, as well at inhibiting aging of the skin, and even cancer.

Through its own biotechnology, Biorhythm has finally commercialized the coated kimchi lactobacillus that can survive stomach acid that is strong enough to kill bad organisms and harmful bacteria in the body.

201309C_Coated Kimchi Lactobacillus1
Biorhythm’s coated kimchi lactobacillus is made by coating kimchi lactobacillus after applying polysaccharide and casein protein. The special coating is the secret to making kimchi lactobacillus survive in the stomach acid.

Unlike Yogurt lactobacillus that is cultured on milk or saccharide, the kimchi lactobacillus is a vegetable lactobacillus which is cultured in ground kimchi liquid.

The kimchi lactobacillus helps facilitate smooth bowel movement, so you do not need to depend on an anti-constipation medicine any more. There are various otherhealth promoting benefitssuch as boosting immunity, lowering of cholesterol, anticarcinogenicity and anti-viral effects. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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