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Educational Modular Toys | Korean Products

September 24, 2013 Industry is one of Korea’s major toy providers that specializes in developing, exporting and importing high-quality educational toys designed to help kids develop creativity and thinking capability.

Unitrust has regularly attended world’s leading international toy exhibitions held in Germany and Hong Kong in a bid to introduce its educational modular toy “IQ.KEY.”

The IQ.KEY is an educational modular toy that allows kids to assemble capsules and blocks through the patented combining method.


Children can transform about 40 modular pieces into instruments of various shapes and sizes, and they can more easily learn scientific thinking in the course of putting the block pieces together.

Unitrust also provides a world-famous Canadian soft block “Bloco Toys,” which are carefully made so that it can ensure maximum safety for children. Bloco Toys are characterized by not only non-toxic soft blocks and the brand’s unique joint method, but also extensive colors and shapes designed for improving emotional senses.

Unitrust’s educational toys will help kids enhance creativity and intelligence as children can make their own shape that they think and desire. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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