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September 24, 2013

201309C_Electric Breast Pump & Sterilized Wet-tissue Maker
http://korean-products.com/inquiryMSJ Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in manufacturing electric breast pump and sterilized wettissue maker named “Gaksimil,” with the corporate philosophy of providing highest-quality products for both mothers and babies.

Electric Breast Pump “GaksiMil G1”

This diaphragm-style breast pump is different from the existing piston-style breast pumps. It suctions 2,500 times per minute, providing smooth pumping to a baby as if he or she a baby sucks mother’s breast.

The breast pump also offers the massage function to relieve breast engorgement and the milk line stimulating function. Due to a digitalized pressure control system, users can set the suction pressure to their individual needs.

201309C_Electric Breast Pump & Sterilized Wet-tissue Maker1
Sterilized Wet-tissue Maker “GaksiMil MomClean”

Gaksimil provides perfect sterilization performance. Most of all, it can change drinking water into sterilized water (99.9% germicidal power). It passed tests on sterilization performance against general bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, moldy and decayed bacteria from Korea’s leading test institutes such as KTR and KATRI.

In addition, the sterilized wet tissue was proven safe for skin without any irritation by KTR. The Gaksimil’s sterilized tissue is different from the general wet tissue with antibacterial effects in that the tissue’s sterilization quality can directly kill bacteria and germs.

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