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October 17, 2013


inquiry_4[INQ. NO. 1310C11] Robotron is an educational toy manufacturer and educational content provider in South Korea. The Korean company was initially established in 2001 as a provider of science educational kits and their contents. In 2005, Robotron successfully launched a line of educational robot kits, “Tami.” This success became a critical turning point for the company to expand into a new business of robotics education and cultivate technical talents. Robotron was selected to conduct government-sponsored research and development projects pertaining to robotics education for schools and the toy market.

With a team of experts in robotics educational background, solid robot manufacturing know-how, and a certified quality and management system (ISO 9001:2008, CE & FCC), Robotron has recently launched a new-line-up, “Tami Block” & “Robo Tami” targeting both domestic and global markets under a newly introduced educational concept “STEAM.”

Robotron products consist of “Non-Toxic plastic frames & cases,” “Easy and Quick-to-Assemble Rivet System,” “Pre-programmed & Selfprogrammable Controller,” “Sophisticated Wireless Remote Controller” and “Sensors with various function.”

Especially, components can be assembled to form various models of robot and an assembly manual is provided.

There are three different types of “Robo Tami” series that the company has been exporting to many countries such as Europe, East Asia and Australia.


Product features

Mechanics: Nine basic models and more models can be assembled. It helps users to
understand mechanical principles using gears, framed and motors.

Smart: Ten basic models and more advanced models can be assembled. It allows users to
experience robot operation using the built-in controller and preset program.

Creative: Six basic models and more advanced models can be assembled. Users can explore the full package of robots including building, programming and operating with various sensors and frames.

Also, it is programmable using a computer with Icon-based graphic programming language. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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