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October 17, 2013

Food Oil

[INQ. NO. 1310C15] Sesame Oil & Perilla Oil : It is properly roasted and has no dregs by using an advanced oil expeller. It is really healthy oil containing nearly 0% Benzopyrene (one of carcinogenic). And almost 100% dregs are removed and the special expertise provides pure, clean and high-quality oil.


Go-chu-jang (Hot pepper Paste) : The spicy sauce is a Korean culinary base made with fermented soybean base and combined with ground red pepper, barley, glutinous rice and grain syrup. These saturated grain ingredients help reduce adult-onset disease rate. What is more, capsaicin in red pepper has been proven to work as a safe and mild metabolic stimulant.
Doen-jang (Soybean Paste) is made by using 100% Korean soybeans and seasonings with Korean natural bay salt. The Korean traditional sauce is made by a natural fermentation and ripening process so that you can store the product safely without an antiseptic or other additives. The Korean soybean paste can be widely used to enhance your appetite of dishes like various stews, soups, and seasoned vegetables for Korea’s traditional dining table.

Cheong-guk-jang Cheong-guk-jang (Korean Fermented Soybean) Pills and Powder : Cheong-guk-jang provides various health benefits, including prevention of heart disease and other adult-onset disease and reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Also, you can get 100% nutrition of the fermented soybeans by taking the Cheong-guk-jang pills or powder conveniently.
It is made by using 100% Korean soybeans without any GMOs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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