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October 21, 2013

Bottled Water Dispenser_2 is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of water dispenser. Since being founded in 1988, Clover has been fully concentrated on the production of bottled water cooler, point of use cooler and undersink chiller. With 25 years of accumulated manufacturing know-how and experience, Clover offers more reliable, durable and competitive water dispensers into markets worldwide.
As of now, Clover is witnessing highly good reputation of its whole items – in terms of product quality and service in over 40 countries – while also enjoying increasingly growing global market presence.
Clover is engaged in manufacturing various kinds of water coolers and its business area can be categorized into following two major parts.

• Bottled water cooler: The most common water cooler. Put the bottle onto the water cooler and enjoy hot and cold water. It is main products of Clover. Clover has 7 types of floor standing bottle watercooler and 2 types of table top watercooler.
• Point-of use cooler (Purifier): Connect to the tap water, you can easily use the purified hot and cold water without bottle. You can save the cost and effort to buy bottled water. The POU of clover can accommodate 5 steps filteration system including RO(Reverse Osmosis) system. The dual float valve of D16 controls water level efficiently. Secondary float valve prevents water overflow when first valve

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