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October 28, 2013

Collagen[INQ. NO. 1310C21] As Korea’s first and only collagen-based franchise company, Beautee Collagen Co., Ltd. produces and distributes collagen cosmetics and collagen-based tonic food through the development of a modern R&D system and manufacturing process, mainly targeting women in their 40-50s who are sensitive to value with purchasing power through franchise unit. Right now, the company has 40 franchise shops across the nation. It established our branch in Mongolia in 2011 and has operated eight (8) franchise shops since then to expand its sales in the overseas market.
In addition, Beautee Collagen has the technology to extract collagen from pig skin and concentrate it to a high degree (over 20%). Based on this advanced technology, it has developed and distributed over 30 different collagen cosmetics and over 10 different tonic products. Beautee Collagen has established a partnership for joint R&D activities with the Academia-Industry Cooperation Unit of Chungbuk National University and secured the manufacturing capacity for mass production. In addition, it has produced and distributed high-quality cosmetics, tonic food and Amycell (fabric softener) with a goal of realizing whole-body collagen therapy.
The Beautee Collagen cosmetics, made of the best collagen, have outstanding skin regeneration functions. In particular, Beautee Collagen has provided 100% soluble collagen to its franchise shops to differentiate collagen massages from conventional skin therapy. And its health food consists of tonic food and general processed products.
These products aim to relieve a menopausal disorder, help dieting, and improve physical constitution. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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