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November 4, 2013

Snail Slime Extract Containing Red Ginseng Saponin
inquiry_4[INQ. NO. 1310C27]CoSeedBioPharm Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of plant extracts for use in cosmetic formulations. The wide selection of innovative plant extracts forms the core of the company’s product philosophy. No matter how exotic, CoSeedBioPharm has the capability to meet any requirement for plant extracts in custom-tailored formats and quantities. It has been producing 500 oriental herb extracts since its founding in 2006. As a creative and professional plant extract provider, CoSeedBioPharm is committed to finding customized and surprising solutions for all ideas and visions of customers. The company is certified with ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO14000 (environmental management system) and it also holds 21 patents about cosmetic materials including natural substances.

Main products: anti-oxidant ingredients/ humectants/ whitening ingredients/ anti-wrinkle ingredients/ antiirritation ingredients/ anti-atopy factor/ anti-stress factor/ anti-inflammatory factor/ non-preservative

Sapo-Mucin 250+ : It is the only snail slime extract containing red ginseng saponin ingredient in Korea (the patent registration is completed.). It provides outstanding wound healing and moisturizing effects. It is exported to Japan, China and the Philippines.

EGY-820 : It is cosmetics preservative which is hypoallergenic and highly safe for the skin with a great antibacterial and antiseptic activity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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