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November 4, 2013

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inquiry_4[INQ. NO. 1310C26] KOSIBIO Corporation’s eco-friendly organic farming materials and the complex fertilizers have been proven to be a beneficial element for a wide variety of crop plants because the water soluble sodium silicate with 100% absorbing power plays an important role in forming silica protective layer in cells and the botanical organization, which is excellent in prevent blight and enhancing resistance against hot and cold-weather damage. They also help improve form of light-intercepting system and elongation of internode, leading to improvement of photosynthesis and ultimately increase of crop yields. In addition, they produce better-quality crops by promoting Brix and coloring.

KOSIBIO Corporation Ltd. was founded to be a leading manufacturer and seller of silicates for agricultural nutrients, detergents, and chemicals. These products are being exported to Taiwan and Vietnam. KOSIBIO acquired a fertilizer registration certificate from Chinese government and started to export to China as well.

Through continuous R&D efforts, the company is also striving to expand its business area, carrying out preliminary clinical tests on hair growth solution and anti-wrinkle products with numerous patents.

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