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November 11, 2013

Office Chair YONG Co., Ltd. has constructed the one-stop system that enhances manufacturing capability from planning / design to the finished products with its creativity based on 24 year know-how as to chairs to meet the various tastes of clients. SUNG YONG currently sells SCHAIRS Chairs at the domestic markets and on-line markets, and supplies the products to the Korean government offices and military procurement agency.

Aerial Mesh chairs are designed to increase work efficiency with the new high-tech mesh material on the back and front, which helps better air circulations during long hours of work. Aerial mesh maintains original springy nature in shape that still offers comforts. It molds around every body shapes with no absence of supportability.

Aeon Mesh is closely netted with delicate materials of elastic fibers that can well support and mold around human vertebra. It maintains natural and comfortable seating positions over time. Durable airy material fits into the soft curves of body with multilock, gas spindle, and tilt system that reduces fatigue and back pain.

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