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November 12, 2013

Plug Tray & Flower Pot, founded in 1995, is a specialized producer of trays and pots exclusively used for raising seedling. To develop high-quality seedling box for rearing of seedling, BUMNONG has invested 1.4 billion won in R&D from the first onset of business.

As results of its effort, BUMNONG developed high functional silver tray which is made up of silver nano with 99.9% purity. And this silver tray shows the effect of restraining over growth in the initial stage of rearing seedling and the effect of adjusting to the surrounding temperature in summer and winter, and the effect of restraining diseases and pests in the initial stage of rearing seedling. BUMNONG also developed the fibroot tray which guarantees 100% of seedling establishment as including the antiseptic function. The surface of fibroot tray is treated with water-soluble root growth regulant and provides the following outstanding features;

– Increase rootlets.
– Due to the growth of roots and inhibition of the growth of the aerial, it could make the production of dry seedling be possible during the raising seedling.
– Rootage in case of transplanting is very fast and the rootage rate is high, reducing transplanting shock.
– Seedling is smoothly separated from the tray and nutritive conditions are improved due to increase in nutrient and water.
– It reduces blight of soil since it can be sterilized separately.
– The rootage is easy even in drought, storm, typhoon or other abnormal climatic after transplanting.

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