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November 14, 2013

ceco[INQ. NO. 1310C03]CEKO Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing and developing of coating agent of surface modification for vacuum deposition for giving anti-scratch, anticorrosion and anti-smudge and anti-finger print functions to various substrates of glass, tempered glass, metal and digital gadgets such as smartphone windows, external cases and battery cases.

The coating agent of surface modification for vacuum deposition is applied to optics and portable electric appliances like smart phones, MP3 players, PMPs, DMB players, navigation, laptops, etc., by modifying surface and protect them from fingerprint contamination and scratch. The coating agent is thinly coated so that it never affects the color and texture of surface.

The CEKO’s coating agents are widely applicable to glass, tempered glass, PET, PMMA, PC, metal, etc. They also come in various types matching different customers’ needs, including antifingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion or other special functions. Using a vacuum deposition process, they have lowered defect rate and offer cost-cutting benefits. Furthermore, they deliver premium quality coating to the surface that can stimulate the emotions of end users.

CEKO’s main clients include Samsung, LG and other widely recognized companies. CEKO is continuously expanding its market base through a brisk marketing drive abroad.

The key to CEKO’s success is quality and its wide product line-up. In order to achieve quality improvement, the company acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025(KOLAS) certification. CEKO also has strong R&D power to establish the best quality of products keeping up with customers’ needs and satisfaction. Since the company was co-founded in 2004 by Mr. Kim Hongchul and Mr. Kim Hyun-joong, who previously built their careers in a technical laboratory and a venture company, respectively, the co-founders have been directly involved in almost all development projects under way in the company, focused on technology development. As a
result, CEKO succeeded in synthesizing materials for coating agents that were previously imported from Japan and the USA.

Main products
– Top CleanSafe: Top coating material with anti-smudge (finger print), anti-scratch, anticorrosion or other special functions.
– Backside Topcoat: protective coating for backside coating layer
– Nano Primer: Coating Material strengthening adhesion of coating materials in vacuum deposition
– Non Slip Tape: non-slip tape for optics
President Kim Hong-chul

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