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November 15, 2013

ENT Workstation
http://korean-products.com/inquiryMedstar Co., Ltd. is the first to localize ENT workstation and its associated equipment in South Korea in 1997 and since then, the company has hold leading position in the market with more than 65% in South Korea.

Accredited by FDA, CE, GOST R, SFDA, etc. under CMDCAS, ANVISA, the Korean company exports to more than 40 countries.

The highly upgraded ENT Workstation model, New Millennium Grand, is designed to integrally diagnose and treat ENT patients, using the microscopic/endoscopic visual system, x-ray film view box, surgical instrument tray w/ warmer, a wide range of medicine bottles / cans, just controlled by one touch panel.

Main features of New Millennium Grand
– Remarkably higher quality, very competitive price, long life and sustainable operation
– High fashionable & attractive overall design, integral ENT diagnosis & treatment
– Higher defined endoscopic display, much clearer microscopic display and impressively clean view box
– Built-in Endoscopes Holder for Disinfection & Warming, UV Sterilizer
– Swiveled flat plate putting keyboard and PC main body into the spacious cupboard
– Highly qualified products, more competitive price, long-lasting operation without serious troubles, swift customers service network

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