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November 15, 2013

Insert-type Nose Filter an insert-type nose filter, NOSK is designed to block hazardous substances such as microscopic dust particles, airborne dust and pollen, etc. NOSK is inserted into the actual respiratory organ, ‘a nose’, to filter particles, the product having dramatically improved over problems of the existing masks.

– Functional Characteristics: A function filtering only hazardous minute substances without causing any breathing barriers (100% filtering effect against1 micrometer particles and 62.5% filtering effect against 0.3micrometer minute particles)

– Safety: The type of filter is made of SMS (Spun bond-Meltblown-Spun bond), which is a high efficient, non-toxic and threefold mode filter. For the clip part, it is made of POE (Polyolefin Elastomers), licensed, non-toxic and transparent.

– Application Area:
1) Sites where lots of airborne particles are blown around: Textile Plants, Iron mills and Other kinds of work places with lots of airborne particles, etc.
2) Sanitation engineers, Underground workers including sanding and sweeping sites, Vocational drivers and other dusty operations etc.
3) People exposed to yellow sand or with a pollen allergy, etc.

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