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November 15, 2013

Silent Juicer

Since NUC’ establishment in 1978 year it contributed to people’s high quality health and modern trend kitchen living. It also inspired foreign consumers with its brand name, “Kuvings” through persistent investment for quality enhancement and R&D.

It has focused on creating new concept and to realize in products of small kitchen electronic appliances, and now its products are highly rated in USA, Europe, Asia as well as in Korea. It manufactures a broad range of products in home appliances, including Silent Juicer, Juice Extractors, Food Processors, Blenders and Yogurt Maker and all products were launched successfully in the domestic market. In particular, Kuvings Silent Juicer is a new trend cold pressing style juicer for all your needs from firm carrots to fine wheatgrass.

The Kuvings Silent Juicer keep quiet in juicing operation by NUC’s own patented technology. And the company’s low speed extraction methods (80rpm) enables more yield of juice and more nutrition and enzymes to compare with normal centrifugal fast juicer which is grinding in very high speed (13,000~15,000rpm) and enerates
heats and more oxidation in its operation. Its high efficiency of a masticating juicer is attractive by easy cleaning to use smart cap and Kuvings’ patented hand rotation brush. Further latest model of Kuvings Silent Juicer is equipped with smart cap and is very useful to blend three to four ingredients together in juicing and to remove juice drippage in single cup serving. In the juice recipes, it gives real versatile fruit and vegetable juice. The coverage of the recipes reaches to soy juice, frozen desert and food processing by Kuvings’ mincer which use same auger as juicer.

NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of promising pioneer which shares its mission and convey the values emphasizing respect for people, creation of new kitchen trend and contributions to human’s better lifestyle in the global market.

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