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November 15, 2013

X-ray Detector
http://korean-products.com/inquiry– Calibration program satisfies specifications of various x-ray tubes and cable length.
– Anatomical mode over 12-216 views for manual storage by operator
– Precision mA and kV feedback control of ion chamber
– Portable Flat Panel Digital Detector
– TFT-amorphous Selenium type
– Direct energy conversion type which assure much higher modulation transfer function
– 129~168 micron pixel size, high precision 3.1M~6.5M pixel resolution

Mobile X-ray System (model: DM-525MR, DM-325MR, DM-200MR, DM-100MR)
It is a newly designed high power mobile x-ray systems from 12.5kW to 40kW for radiography systems, which provides superior power conversion efficiency. The specific hightension transformer accomplish stable output of X-rays with minimal ripples, lower patient radiation dose and more vivid and accurate radiographic images. Its excellent output efficiency and compact sized designs enhance economic use of space and cost saving.

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