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November 19, 2013

vacom[INQ. NO. 1311C15] VACOMA Co., Ltd. specializes in producing a vacuum storage system for food called “VACOM” and vacuum food containers. “VACOM” is short for Vacuum Controlled Machine. The VACOM creates a vacuum for food containers so that they can be stored either in a refrigerator or at room temperature. It is operated simply by one touch in just one minute, and the power consumption is only 80W. In addition, VACOM can make a vacuum for any kind of food, including breakable food and soup.

Using the vacuum storage system, it is unnecessary to keep food in a refrigerator. That is because vacuum storage provides an excellent hygienic quality by eliminating the causes of food decay due to microbes (bacteria and mold), oxygen and moisture.

With VACOM that removes the oxygen from a container, you can keep food fresh for a long time, reducing food waste. Moreover, VACOMA can be used to safely store ancient documents, treasures of museums, or medicines.

You can enjoy the following various features that are different from existing vacuum packing and vacuum storage technologies.

1. Universality: It is possible to store and preserve any goods and products vacuum and safely.
2. Facility: It can automatically control optimum vacuum degree in spite of the environmental conditions of temperature, and humidity.
3. Accuracy: No need to worry about any errors. It automatically checks for mistakes.
4. High quality, but reasonable price control system.
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