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November 28, 2013

KICOXKorea Industrial Complex Corp. (KICOX) is a specialized institution for industrial complexes dedicated to contributing to the development of the national economy by developing and managing industrial complexes nationwide and by supporting production activities of the companies operating there.

Ever since its establishment in 1964, KICOX has been developing and managing industrial complexes nationwide, with brisk operations of six nationwide-area headquarters and 18 branch offices, in order for the agency to play a pivotal role in boosting national and regional economies through the enhancement of the national manufacturing production rate, exports and employment.

Industrial Complex Cluster Program

KICOX has, since 2005, been pursuing “industrial complex cluster program” to strengthen the competitiveness of industrial complexes with an aim to raise the existing only production-oriented industrial complexes into knowledge-based clusters where virtuous cycles of creations and innovations can be created.

KOCOX formed the “mini cluster (MC)” as a main body of the Korean unique cluster style, which consists of small academiaindustry- research cooperation groups to promote specialized industries.

The 68 MCs nationwide formed depending on the characteristics of the regional industries contribute to both the capability strengthening of the regional-based enterprises and the development of the regional economies by forming academic-industrial networking and supporting cooperation.

Now more than 7,000 MC members of regional companies, colleges, institutes, and aid organizations are briskly participating in academic-industrial collaborative projects in an attempt to identify and resolve the hardships of companies. As of last year, they successfully carried out over 15,000 projects.

Ever since 2012, KOCOX has been conducting the so-called “Theme Cluster” where numbers of companies perform joint projects led by certain coordinator businesses by setting up common goals autonomously, and thus creating a private-centered autonomous innovation ecosystem.

Enterprises Supporting Program
For companies operating at regional industrial complexes, KOCOX has been carrying out industrial complex cluster program including prototype production, applications of industrial property rights, participation in domestic and overseas exhibitions, joint activities of overseas markets expansions, and education & job trainings.

Production technology support Site-customized technology development, transfer technology, application of industrial property rights

Product manufacturing support Prototype production

Total marketing support Product packaging design, advertising and public relations, participation in domestic and overseas exhibitions, activities of overseas market expansions, overseas marketing expert institution and personnel support

Site-customized education/training Education of productivity and R&D capability improvement

Site-customized total support(mentor project) Mentoring and consulting of technology and corporate-wide difficulties

▶ FGF & EGF – Based Cosmetics
▶Nasal Breathing Aid
▶Tourmalin Bedding Sheets
▶Ultrasonic Sterilization Cleaner for Toothbrush, Razor and Denture
▶Surfactant & Textile Dyeing Agents
▶Oil Extractor
▶High Polished Piano
▶Lithium Primary Batteries
▶LED Lighting
▶Near UV White Devices
▶Precision Cleaning Technology

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