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November 28, 2013

Nasal[INQ. NO. 1311C34]Many of us might have a painful experience of suffering from a stuffy nose and unavoidably breathing with the mouth when catching a cold. If breathing is not smoothly done with your nose, it can cause a lot of health problems, to say nothing of an unpleasant feeling.

First of all, you may experience a concentration decrease. In addition, there are allergic symptoms, immunity decrease, sleep disturbance and even facial change due to malocclusion, just to name a few. These days, a growing number of people breathe with their mouths as their noses are blocked on most days due to environmental factors or nose problems.

Among many of products to tackle the problem, the hottest item in Korea is a device called “NX Kororo” that is designed to facilitate nasal breathing by expanding the nose. NX Kororo is made and patented by Sleep & Health Co., Ltd., a sleep solution developer which focuses on the cure for sleep disorders caused by difficulties with breathing or bad sleeping positions.

With the support of KHIDI, a government-affiliated organization, Sleep & Health Co., Ltd. has been developing a medical device to encourage nasal breathing. All these efforts have led to the development of NX Kororo. It may be the safest and effective and cheapest way of breathing through your nose. Nasal breathing delivers a lot of oxygen to the brain and helps increase the learning ability to concentrate.

NX Kororo is made up of three parts – the supporting part/compressing part; expansion part and bumps. The supporting part/compressing part stimulates an acupuncture point in the end of a nose called ‘So RO Hyul’ without easily falling out, by only Kororo’s specified biomechanical design. And silicon’s elasticity of the expansion part smoothly expands the nasal cavity. In addition, bumps smoothen blood circulation even during long-term usages.

Regarding NX Kororo, SNCAPE (Sound Nasal Cavity Air Penetration Examination) has been tested on 10 normal people. About 10-30% expansion was confirmed. After using NX Kororo, on average, 60% of respiration increased. The SNCAPE is test equipment which measures the area and structure of nasal cavity using reflected sound wave.

NX Kororo is made of medical silicone harmless to the human body and the feeling is similar to the cartilage of the nose, so it does not hurt for a long time wearing. It is very easy to manage and can be used only when necessary. It is also designed in consideration of the anatomical shape of the nose so that it does not fall off easily.

You can use it while sleeping or doing exercise, and it reduces noisy breathing and improves the athletic ability to increase oxygen breathing. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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