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November 28, 2013[INQ. NO. 1311C35]
An increasing number of people are getting to know that sleep is important and how a sound sleep directly affects their quality of life. As the public awareness of and demand for sound sleep continue to rise, the sleep-related industry has started to grow in Korea.

Tourmalin Bedding Sheets
Among many of sleeprelated products, there is Torou, which a premium bedding brand launched by Dae Shin Commercial Corp. Since its founding in 1988, the Korean company has strived to create the optimal sleeping environment for contemporary people by incorporating Tourmalin into bedding sheets.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that can emit far infrared rays and negative ions, and offers many health benefits. Tourmaline is thought to promote the blood circulation and body’s metabolism. Based on its experience in healthcare business for more than 20 years, Dae Shin Commercial Corp. provides the highest-quality, competitive goods. So, why not experience a good sleep with ‘Torou’ Tourmalin bedding sheets featuring the following advantages:

Tourmalin Bedding Sheets
Main Features of Torou Tourmalin bedding sheets

The bedding sheets contain Tourmalin ingredient: Tourmaline generates little amounts of negative ions when external pressure or friction is not applied.

When elements like magnesium, iron, boron, silicon in Tourmaline make direct contact with our skin, it play a role in increasing far-infrared radiation and generation of negative ions.

Improved blood circulation: Tourmaline helps distend the capillary vessels, leading to body temperature increase and body’s metabolism improvement. In addition, Tourmaline absorbs heat emitted from our body, which is also absorbed into the body, promoting blood circulation.

Eco-friendly product: Tourmaline sheets are processed with 50 mesh Tourmaline and made of 100% cotton cloth. They are free from chemicals.

Patented spinning and weaving method: Dae Shin’s Tourmaline sheets are manufactured by the company’s unique spinning and weaving technology (patent no. 10-0722840) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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