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December 5, 2013

TTI, a Korea-based textile company, has succeeded in coming up with a brand-new smart fiber called named “JURASIL” in December 2012 after it started the development of fiber-containing plant extracts in March 2010.

JURASIL eliminates disadvantages of functional fibers and vegetable fibers, synthetic polymer materials by polymerizing materials, providing the following benefits.

  • Natural friendly antibiotics without antibiotics
  • Natural chemicals that are not coated with insulation
  • Very good dye ability
  • Excellent antistatic effect
  • Soft touch
  • Bulky and glossy good
  • Texture and shine like silk
  • Excellent price competition
  • Non-irritating
  • Excellent deodorizing effect

The synthetic extract of the plant-derived raw materials were polymerized at JURASIL. The plantderived extracts and polymerization technique is unique, and TTI’s proprietary technology ensures that the company can produce high-end fiber that are comparable to other comfortable fabrics such as Coolmax, developed in Korea, kulron, Aerocool, etc.

Developed by using the exclusive patented technology, JURASIL fiber is highest quality material with antibacterial, deodorant, sweat drying, heat retention as well as functions such as antistatic superior staining, silk-like luster, soft and excellent elasticity, bulky and shape stability.

With such versatile features and outstanding qualities, this new fiber is expected to gain a growing popularity especially in highly functional outdoor market. JURASIL fiber is suitable for golf wear, sportswear, ladies wear, pants, etc., with its sweatdrying high-gloss, antistatic, suitable for lingerie, underwear and patient uniform and with its antibacterial and warmth. It is suitable for woven fabric for beddings cotton with it’s superior elasticity and softness.

Application is beddings cotton with superior elasticity, softness and very suitable for woven fabric. In addition, excellent elasticity and soft blend of wool and bulky to comply with new textile development with the JURSIL fiber.

In addition, it can be optimized to develop a new textile material with its excellent elasticity and soft blend of wool with bulky fibers. The JURASIL fiber uses plant-derived extracts natural and continuous antibacterial activity while having excellent staining, as well as soft and good elastic fibers of the highest quality without creating a master batch chip extruder by injecting directly into the raw material, which makes cost reduction with competitive prices to the new edge of product. The price competitiveness is superior to the conventional fiber (about 30% decreases in mass production).

Expected Effects
1. Possession of source technology ensures the secure market dominance.
2. Long-term market control power
3. The explosive demand of smart textiles from existing surplus textile supply
4. Activation of chemical fiber industry and leading role in the market
5. Replacement of existing fiber demand creation and employment expansion | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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