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December 10, 2013

Cheonggukjang[INQ. NO. 1312C02] The raw Cheonggukjang (traditional Korean fermented soybean food) is the most time-honored fermented soybean food, which was passed down through the generations by Koreans for a long time, and it is now gaining popularity as a healthy food for its nutritional value.

Cheonggukjang, however, is not everyone’s favorite food due to its unique and strong aroma and flavor. Thus, some Korean food companies have been coming up with ideas on how to make better use of the health benefits of Cheonggukjang.

Since Haenam Natural Farming Association started to commercialize Cheonggukjang, and extended its stage to the world market including China in 2002, the company has continued to strive to make the flavor of Cheonggukjang better suited to the of global consumers as well as Korean people. As result of constant research and development endeavors on Cheonggukjang, since then, the company has finally succeeded in developing Cheonggukjang in the form of a pill. The pill contains 17 different nutrients including amino acid, vitamins, functional enzyme, and bacillus subtilis that are generated in the fermentation process of soybeans.

Being equipped with highly advanced processing technology and automatic facilities, the company manufactures Cheonggukjang pills without adding any additives. The pill type Cheonggukjang is free from the inconvenience of storing, carrying and the change in quality of fermented soybean. For the convenience of consumers’ intake, the unique smell of fermented soybean has been eliminated. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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