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December 11, 2013

APPITOZ[INQ. NO. 1312C43] Dealize is a new design product brand which made by Graphic Design Studio 4􁢉/SAWORL. Appitoz, the first product by Dealize is the first project to pursue “design + realize” as a brand essence.

Unlike other protective phone cases, APPITOZ was made its arms and legs with frames to have a function of a stand and a toy which can move variously like as action figures. Users can enjoy the character which can react on sound and motion to download the Application at the App store. This is the concept of the first Smart Phone character being combined hardware and software (The concept, product structure, and design of APPITOZ are legally protected by the Office of Patent Administration of Korea and the city of Seoul. The application number: No2011-102060)

Arms and legs are designed movable with wires. So it can move flexibly like as an action figure. Also it is enough hard to support as a dock and the structure of limbs is important roles for portability. APPITOZ will make you routine pleasures by playing its legs and arms.

You can enjoy even though you have only its case but if you run the App and have an experience of sensitivity of APPITOZ, you would feel much more pleasant. Download ‘appitoz’ on the App Store. You can meet appitoz. The main function is the reaction of touching on face, and shaking, lipsynching as well. The characters will be updated and evolved diverse smart functions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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