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January 14, 2014

All-in-one Shower System[INQ. NO. 1401C01]
According to a survey conducted by Cebien, a Korea’s specialized shower head company, not everyone feels that taking a shower is necessarily a relaxing experience. Sometimes people find it a tiresome daily routine, partly due to monotonous shower systems at home. So Cebien decided to create a new shower system that can make your shower time more enjoyable in a cozier shower room, not just one to wash away soap and grime.

Motivated by the design concept of ‘shower room for living’ the latest show system “GARO-UP” has been designed to make people feel comfortable as if they are in living room by providing an excellent blend of shower and furniture. It is the world’s first shower system where the storages and shower head are all designed together as a unit to ensure efficient path and easy & instant storage spaces for users in the shower room.

Unlike other shower products, GARO-UP provides dual shower function that can save water and it also provides outstanding wide storages such as upper shelf, left and right slots, eco-bay and multi-towel bar on the bottom of product body. The symbol markings on the front body allow people to use the products conveniently and safely with the easier user’s interface. Also about mixing parts, Cebien has adopted innovating materials so that it can save 70% of brass compared with other shower products. By doing so, Cebien intended to minimize the emission of CO2 while the brass is being produced, polished and undergoing other processes.

Namely, GARO-UP is eco-friendly products based on sustainability. Of course, the top priority of Cebien is the user’s feeling relaxed with the atmosphere where he or she can take a pleasant shower at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a more sensible and enjoyable shower system, take a closer look at the following key features of the model:

– Angle-free shower head
– Angle & height-adjustable handshower
– Shower for all ages (kids, adults, males, females)
– Sitting shower is possible
– Material: Brass, ABS, stainless steel
– Size: body (580W x 100H x 140D) | storage (390W x 350H x 155D)

All-in-one Shower System

About Cebien
Cebien is a leading provider of shower systems in Korea. Cebien’s manufacturing system is capable of producing standard quality products on time in mass quantity, and we provide guaranteed quality and thorough repair service. Cebien has over 100 world-class construction companies as its clients, including Samsung, Daewoo, Lotte, Hyundai, GS and Posco. With excellent quality and elegant design, Cebien products are expanding their market world-wide, including to North and South America and Asia.

Cebien has been establishing a unique style and presence in the industry, as confirmed by winning several prestigious local and international design awards such as GD mark, the IF product design award and ADEX award.

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