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January 14, 2014

LED Light[INQ. NO. 1401C11] DENTIS is a professional medical device manufacturing company, with a flagship brand LUVIS that uses professional LED light sources, developed for the health of a user’s eyes, considering clinical environments that require sophisticated diagnoses and surgery. Also it delivers the most suitable light and prevents ultraviolet rays and radiation affecting the patient.

In 2012 launching Medical LED, DENTIS has been supplying such medical fields as plastic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, as well as dental and veterinary hospitals. LUVIS provides an optimal environment that protect the doctor’s eyes and patient’s health at the same time as utilizing high CRI technology.

In particular, Luvis-L100 is a surgical theater light that has incorporated LUVIS’s cuttingedge technologies. It provides an optimal medical environment, getting rid of dazzling and poor color rendering that are associated with traditional halogen light and low CRI. Luvis uses professional LED light sources, and it also creates eye protective surroundings, utilizing high CRI technology.

Furthermore, Luvis provides daylight-like light, seen at noon. Luvis-L100 creates high color temperature at the same light intensity. Nonetheless, much less dazzling helps users to concentrate on surgery, minimizing eye fatigue. Luvis-L100 also guarantees accurate and reliable natural colors. In case of lower color temperature with high light intensity, eye dazzling effect occurs. At the same light intensity, high color temperature gives a much brighter light field.

LED Light_2Key Features
High Quality Light
Less eye strain with natural, clear color rendering ability CRI 95 / R9 90 / 4800K color temp.

Smart Sensor (4sensors)
– By sensing obstacles in focal zones, it automatically increases the brightness of the opposite side to maintain consistent intensity, and there is no need to adjust intensity while operating it.

Sterilisable Detachable Hand Grip
Detachable hand grip makes it easier to maintain the equipment clean and safe from infection. Also, center hand grip allows easy & stable handling of light head

LUVIS Optical Lens
Assuring wide and even quality of light in focal area with high CRI value no color shadows around focal area

Full HD Medical Use Camera
Dual Arm with HD Camera Option 1) HD Camera (External) Option 2) HD Camera (Internal) Option 3) Spring Arm (Ondal)

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