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January 14, 2014

Three-wheel Bike[INQ. NO. 1401C07] Designed by KOEN, this is a three-wheel bike to help the elderly or infirm to ride more comfortably. Based on creativity and deep understanding of the product-user relationship, KOEN incorporated various user-friendly features. Riders need to pedal, but the electric motor provides a helping hand.

The under-bone type frame makes it easier for a rider to ride and get off from the bike, and the center of gravity is stable. In addition, wheelbase adjustable frame, height and angle adjustable handle bar can be personalized. That’s because the two front wheels and tilting function should rotate smoothly without failing. Safe & clean belt drive, foot step for throttle driving, battery built-in basket, seat for protection of back helps drive more comfortable.

Founded in 2010, KOEN Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to generating the best design value through creativity and design strategy, which are based on exhaustive analysis about usability and the up-to-date trends.

As a specialized design company, KOEN provides total industrial product design and consulting services to companies in a diversity of industries, giving clients a synergy effect for their specific needs. KOEN has successfully carried out numerous design projects with Korea’s leading companies and organizations from many different industries.

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