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January 14, 2014

Deposit Box__[INQ. NO. 1401C10] Shinnjin Safe-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded as the first safe company in Korea in 1945. Since then, it has been devoted to providing top-quality vault doors, safe-deposit boxes, fireproof safes, anti-burglary safes, hotel safes and home safes, mini safes, etc, which are not only supplied to Korea’s leading financial organizations and hotels but also exported to many different countries, including Russia, CIS, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sweden, the UAE, and America. Shinjin’s vault door was UL-listed for the first time as a Korean product and its safes were certified by KS (Korean Standards), SP (Sweden) and ISO, assuring clients of its high quality both at home and abroad.

Based on 70 years of manufacturing technique and know-how, Shinjin has launched the world’s first touch type safe deposit box NT- 1082. The luxurious wine black color was applied to the front part of the safe, harmonizing with the lighting of the vault room and creating a distinctive interior from standard vault rooms.
In addition, the comfort of the vault manager as well as the customer has been improved by integrating IT technology. Instead of a vault key, individual combination numbers have been assigned to each safe deposit, allowing the vault user to avoid the risk of losing the key as well as the inconvenience of carrying it.

Deposit BoxMain Features
Security: When NT-1082 which applies real-time monitoring and alarm incurs a fault, it can prevent from prior danger in various ways by sending the signal to bank’s clear.

Safety: The SDB have not only the outside authentication, but also each door have to be registered by inputting password individually. NT-1082 could be prevented with a double authentication system from such electrical and electronic errors as shocks or bugs.

Convenience: Touch-type can be of help to solve the problem of inconvenient carrying and to save worries about key-loss.

Shinjin Safe-Tech Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality safes and cabinets, which are made at its plant utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment, exporting to 100 countries. The company will continue to build a reputation for satisfying customers’ expectations by delivering quality of the highest standards at the most competitive prices.

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