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January 14, 2014

Livart[INQ. NO. 1401C04] Established in 1977, Livart Furniture Co., Ltd. has grown to become a leader in the Korean furniture business industry with ceaseless efforts in developing new products. On the basis of its top-level technological strength, highest quality standards (ISO9001, ISO14001) and constant equipment investments, the company offers a complete line of integrated furniture for offices, schools, training institutes and hospitals.

Livart is well aware that building neatly arranged office desks and items in working spaces can be one of the most cost-effective ways of improving people’s level of concentration and productivity.The company’s relentless efforts for providing a creative solution for better office environment have yielded new modular office furniture “GEN 100.”

Featuring the RTA system, free layout and light color, GEN 100 is an office furniture collection that ensures effective workspaces for small or venture offices. The work station consists of a storage unit, a desk and screen partitions. The storage unit consists of a storage cabinet with three drawers and an additional storage space in the back to maximize storage.

The flap door of the upper cabinet is designed to enhance accessibility and convenience. The desk’s rounded edges highlight safety and elegance and features built-in cable management in the front. The legs of the desk are made with special pipes, which are curved for added strength. The screen partitions are embossed making it possible to attach post-it-notes.

The GEN 100 will allow you to easily design your working space to fit your special needs just by relocating each element and accessory. It also provides ample storage options for paperwork and personal items with all-in-one draw and side box, partition-blocking type storage and draw box. As environmental protection has become a catchphrase defining the latest market trends, LIVART has used materials and components that meet global environmental standards and grades. One of the main materials, PB (particle board) is an eco-friendly material that belongs to E1 class. And other steel and zinc die casting structure are all recyclable.

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