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January 15, 2014

Fashion Socks[INQ. NO. 1401C12] Socks Appeal Corp. ( is a specialized company of fashion socks which are inspired and designed by lovely motifs around us. The socks are patterned with unique characters designed through the company’s self-developed IMS (Image Mining System) and manufactured by using high-quality combed cotton in a factory in Korea, which has world-class weaving skills.

Socks Appeal Corp. provides 36 types of socks with different motifs and colors. Every single product has a witty pattern and beautiful color. You may smile at cute characters on socks such as a rhino hanging balloon, a puppy in spacesuit and an elephant on a taxi.

The company has been working hard to ensure top quality as much as the design. All socks are made by using quality combed cotton and nylon and apply silicon washing treatment for durable and soft-feel socks. They also feature spandex ankle and non-slippery bottom. It also has a strict quality control system across all production processes.

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