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Portable Mist Sprayer | Korean Products

January 15, 2014

mistigy[INQ. NO. 1401C13] Mistify is a portable beauty device with a lightweight, luxurious, yet functional design that can supply moisture and nutrition to the skin anytime, anywhere. It performs 160,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to spray mist in nano microspheres which allows deep penetration into the skin (even when sprayed over makeup). Mistify is equipped with a UV sterilization lamp which sanitizes the liquid’s storage tank, as well as the liquid itself.

Mistify Premium Essence is the cosmetic product to be used in this device which consists of EGF, deep sea water, and 10 natural extracts that have been proven to be the solution to many issues associated with facial skin care.

beautaminBeautamin-Su is a portable, irritation-free, beautifying mist sprayer that has the effect of turning the pH level of ordinary water mildly-acidic which is beneficial for skin care.

This property, among others, are all made possible by a series of different features integrated into the pump itself. These natural components have anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and chlorine removal effects which ‘soften’ the water For more information about the products, you can visit the website of Rapha World (

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