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January 15, 2014

The 21st century is also called the ‘era of emotion’. In a market where technology is equalized, designs are what move the minds of consumers by touching their emotions. Designs that have a story adding meaning to products are the creative fuel that enriches the nation and the force behind future growth that enables sustainability.

Particularly, in a market where technology is being increasingly equalized, designs are what move the minds of consumers by touching their emotions, significantly influencing the industry, economy, society, public arenas, education and culture than ever before. The enhancement of design competitiveness is leading directly to national competitiveness as a whole.

Aiming to further motivate the Korean design industry, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion has been actively carrying out various activities and providing support to enhance the national image and thus strengthening the industrial competitiveness of Korea through design since its establishment in 1970.

Among those activities, the Good Design Awards have been given to Korea’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as top-notch companies eager to make highest-quality design products, which are considered to help the nation’s design competitiveness and the growth of the national export in the course.

The GD Selection, by recognizing and rewarding excellently designed products, intends to promote the advancement of design and encourages innovation and creativity through quality products that contribute to aesthetically and practically enhancing the daily lives.

Ultimately, the GD Selection also aims to improve the quality of life by improving product design and meeting the diverse demands of consumers, and to contribute to the development of design by expanding public awareness of the field.

Korea’s Buyers Guide describes and recommends these Korean companies that were awarded the Good Design Awards in 2013 to international buyers and marketers.

▶Furniture type All-in-one Shower System
▶Vehicle Air Purifier
▶Compact Washbasin
▶Venture Office System Furniture
▶Ceramic & Silicone Tableware
▶Multi Functional Oven with Air Fryer
▶Three-wheel Bike for the Elderly and Infirm
▶Household Smart Stethoscope
▶Road Bike
▶Touch Type Safe Deposit Box
▶Surgical Theatre LED Light

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