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“We will devote ourselves to winning global recognition of Abishag dried fruit chips and quality Korean foods.” | Korean Products

January 16, 2014

fruit chips[INQ. NO. 1401C31]Hephzibah F&B is engaged in manufacturing and exporting dried fruit chips under its brand name of Abishag, which are growing popular among many health-conscious consumers in Korea. Those snacks are being exported to the United States, China and Japan as well.

Buyers Guide therefore interviewed Kim Hyun-su, the president of Hephzibah F&B, which was reported in ‘Best Products from Jeollanam-do, Korea’ in the Buyers Guide May 2013 edition.

BG: Would you please give some brief introduction about Hephzibah F&B and the Abishag fruit chips?

Hephzibah F&B CEO: Hephzibah F&B manufactures 100% dried fruits such as apples, strawberry, grapes, persimmons, peaches, figs and oranges by using ‘low temperature heat-wind drying technology,’ which enables the fruits to retain their original flavor, taste, color and shape through our natural drying method.
Our Abishag fruit chips are well-being foods that have no food preservatives and additives or sugar.

For this reason, our fruit chips can be a good meal substitution for growing children and adults as well as ladies who want to have a slim body line. Hephzibah F&B has been also contributing to the local economy as we use the locally cultivated agricultural products such as Singo pears, persimmons and figs.

fruit chips2
BG: Buyers Guide, in conjunction with the Jeollanam-do provincial government, described dozens of selected promising food companies from Jeollanamdo through an article called ‘Best Products from Jeollanamdo, Korea,’ and Hephzibah F&B was introduced in the May edition of 2013. I wonder if there have been visible achievements and any special efforts by your company to advance the global markets underway in 2014.

CEO: Since I started the business in 2008, I have constantly knocked on the door of global markets by regularly participating in major international food shows in the USA, Japan, China and Dubai, attracting a lot of attention from global buyers. These efforts have paid off as our fruit chips have been selling in high-end organic food shops in Hong Kong, the USA and Japan.

To expand our market base at home and abroad, we will continue to figure out ways to let much more people enjoy our healthful fruit chips at more reasonable prices. In addition, since Hephzibah F&B was introduced by Buyers Guide in May 2013, we have received inquiries about our new products from the USA and Chinese buyers, which I hope will lead to sales contracts in the near future.

In 2014, we will continue to be faithful to our corporate vision of “providing better wholesome products at a slower mode. I am sure that our commitment to providing the high-quality healthy snacks will win the heart of consumers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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