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Kitchen Utensil Set | Korean Products

January 21, 2014

January 2014 • 57[INQ. NO. 1401C24] Bukcal is a kitchen utensil set that consists of a holder and scissors, cooking knife, fruit knife, tongs, and peelers. The stand-type hanger safely stores these kitchen utensils neatly so that people can easily use and arrange them. When cooking, people are also able to move these kitchen utensils all at once just by holding the set.

Having a new streamlined and aesthetic design in vivid colors, Bukcal can be in harmony with the surrounding environment of a kitchen. Sterilizing utensils is necessary for avoiding cross-contamination particularly while you are cooking and serving raw meats and vegetables.

Another merit of this unique design is that Bukcal can easily sterilize those kitchen utensils all at once. You just need to boil water in a pan and put Bukcal entirely in the pan for one to two minutes for sterilization. When sterilization is done, use the handle to take the products out of the hot water. Bukcal’s body is made with stainless steel and nontoxic ABS resin, which are heat-resistant and safe to the human body.

Hankook Seragh is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances for daily use with the aim of enhancing comfort and quality of life for its customers. The Korean company produces 30 different types of scissors for kitchen, business and stationery uses, 10 types of home-use knives, 20 kinds of tongs, as well as 10 sorts of vegetable knives and graters and 30 types of cooking utensil sets. The company strives to offer a range of world-leading kitchen tools & accessories through a dedicated, consistent and pioneering mindset. Its business has grown steadily since it was established in 2003. HanKook Seragh supplies Daiso, the biggest Japanese chain store, Lotte & Hyundai department stores as major business partners for years on an OEM basis with strict quality control and superior services.

Many buyers around the world have praised the excellent quality of the company’s products and the company exports to Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries. Its exclusive SERA product line features the finest quality materials (the company uses stainless steel 420J2), focused design and superior workmanship.

Kitchen Utensil Set
– Product Name: Kitchen utensil set with steam sterilization feature.
– Model Name: BK-1011S
– Size: 165mm x 165mm x 298mm
– Weight: Resin(630g) / Stainless(860g)
– Materials: Body and Handle – Nontoxic ABS Resin, Nontoxic PC / Blade – Stainless Steel
– Components: scissors, fruit knife, cooking knife, peeler, tongs, handle, steam sterilizer | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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