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Two-sided Ironing Board | Korean Products

January 21, 2014

Two-sided Ironing Board[INQ. NO. 1401C22]Dazzl Co., Ltd. is a venture company established in 2003 solely for development and commercialization of Dazzl360 two-sided ironing board invented by the company founder Ki-Beom Lee.

For those who find ironing a cumbersome and time-consuming job, Dazzl360 can make ironing easier and enjoyable. The Dazzl360 is a patented two-sided ironing board, which provides various user-friendly functions.

It features a 360-degree rotating board, making it easier and faster to iron clothes. This ergonomically designed system also features both curved and flat sides, a special pants clip, neck and sleeve boards, detachable hanger, iron caddy and (8) height adjustments mechanism for convenient folding and storage.

You can simply fit shirts over the torso-shaped board, after one side turn it over then the other side is ready. Moreover, the patented automatic lock and unlock of the switching height adjustments system offer an easier way of operation. You can just pull it up and down depending on your height without needing to switch on anything. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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