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January 24, 2014

Harmony of waves, reeds, sunset and life

Untitled-8Recently constructed at Gangjeong in the middle reaches of the Nakdonggang River which runs just outside of the Dalgubeol Basin, the Gangjeong-Goryeong Weir has already established itself as one of the main tourist attractions in the Daegu area with the Water Museum expected to open soon. The dam is the longest (953.5m) of its kind built along the Nakdonggang River. The Dalseong Wetland located in a delta formed at the confluence of the Geumhogang and Nakdonggang Rivers is three kilometers long and about 600 meters wide and well known as an ecological treasure house where nature peacefully coexists with human culture. The wetland is also a sanctuary for endangered species such as the eagle owl, leopard cat, otter, and boreal digging frog.

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