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February 27, 2014

Healthy Food[INQ. NO. 1402C27] Korea’s BioResouce Inc. is engaged in exploring the world of bio-engineering and genetic engineering for ecofriendly industry and exports products in various fields like food, drug, supplementary feeding, etc. The company actually applies its technology to the other different fields. BIORESOURCE aims to be an eco-friendly bio-engineering company. For this, it has been actively developing and producing various highly functional natural items through continuous R&D efforts.

The main products are mostly food, medical, and supplementary elements. And its clients, drug companies, never hesitate to praise the products for their benefits. As a certified business, BioResouce Inc. has been recognized for its technology (INNOBIZ in 2002) in Korea.

In particular, Bio Natto, Natto Vitamin, and Seaweed Multi-vitamin “Well” have become indispensable well-being products for many customers.

Bio Natto and Natto Vitamin contain algino-oligosaccharide, and each can prevent heart-related diseases and constipation and improve blood flow in your body. And BioResouce’s multi-vitamin supplement provides you with all necessary nutrients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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