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February 28, 2014

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1402C33] Normally, melons are very sensitive to climatic influences: the greater the temperature difference and amount of sunshine it receives, the stronger the aroma and the higher the sugar content of the fruit. Gokseong has an inland climate with a yearly temperature range of 24.8C; the average temperature is -0.5C in January; 24.3C in August; and 13.6C throughout the year. And it also has a huge daily temperature range due to the inland climate.

With the huge daily, yearly temperature difference and abundant sunshine, Korea’s Gokseong gun is considered to be a perfect place for producing high-quality melons. What’s more, the air is clear and the soils are rich with organic matters from the banks of the Sumjin River. The area also has clean water and air.

Thanks to this outstanding natural environment, the melons grown in Gokseong County are quality netted melons, and have excellent fragrance unique to melons. They also have sugar content of 13 brix or higher and have thick, stable nets with yellowish-green thick pulp that are exceptionally delicious, emerging as a leader among Korean melons.

There are various types of gift set packages available in 5kg and 8kg sizes. The premium melon set (8kg) boasts its outstanding sugar content of 15 brix measured by the latest nondestructive saccharometer. All of the melon gift sets, with uniform nets, are produced under a strict quality control process imposed on the farms certified by GAP (Good Agricultural Practice).

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